The Era of Smart Home Technologies

Have you ever thought that you will be able to control your home through a smartphone?

The first smart home came in as a washing machine, sewing machine, vacuum cleaner, and food processors. Shortly after that, there were electric washing machines and vacuum cleaners where one would connect the engine on an electricity socket. As technology advanced so did the smart homes.

In 1975, there was a programmable automated device which could only take commands and not respond. Intelligent home technologies enable one to leave their house and control them using mobile phones. The technology helps one set up different equipment on and off.

Previously, homeowners employed security agencies to guard their homes. It started with smart locks where people used to set up alarms to control their homes. Intelligent homes are possible because of the advance in technology. The more the technology advance, the more interpreted the houses to become. Below are some smart home technologies present.

Smart lock

The original lock opens and closes doors. One can operate the lock anywhere whether in or out of the house. Some homes use fingerprints while others use pins. The most advanced smart lock uses prints where one can operate the lock solemnly. If one wants to add someone to the locking device, it is possible; one only needs to add it on the app. When the app has successfully been installed, one can lock the door and open it even if miles away. The smart home is hard to hack and reduces breaking. In case of a break-in, the quick lock reports to the owner and police at the same time.

Smart Lock

Smart light

The lights can work both automatically and manually, and popular lights are the sensor lights which detect motion. However, bright light is operated using mobile app which switches on and off lights on different rooms. If you traveled and didn't want neighbors to notice your absence, bright light can work out for you. One can also put on and off lights at the comfort of their living room. Certain views have light reduction features where one can reduce glare and can even change the color of a specific place.

Smart Light

Smart Security

In previous years people employed security guards who later changed to security alarms. The current security system comes with security cameras which are fixed on the entire house both in and outside the home. It comes with a smart signal which detects people's movement and gives alert when an invader enters the house. The security system has a control panel which controls everything in the house. In case the homeowner has a yard, the yard sign is installed and a window sticker which shows all activities going on in the yard.

Smart Seciruty

Smart Entertainment

Smart entertainment is an inbuilt music system and movie programs. Most smart homes nowadays are using Netflix and Samsung as their primary supplier of intelligent home entertainment. Some have intelligent microphones where one can record music at the comfort of their home. Depending on the type of home, one can have an entire studio inside their house. Samsung provides all smart homes equipment for all their customers. With this type of entertainment system, one can watch the video and listen to audios in any corner of their home because of the inbuilt speakers which are spread all over the house. One can control their entertainment using their mobile phone.

Smart Entertainment

Smart Thermostat

One can control temperatures inside the house. One can set time when they want a particular climate inside their home. It works perfectly when it's scorching to add cool temperature and when it's cold one can switch on hot heat to warm up the house. When using the smart thermostat, one can choose any temperature they want for their home. One can set when they want the atmosphere to change even when they are not inside the house. One can fix it anywhere.

Smart Thermostat

The smart video Doorbell

The smart doorbell shows the image of the person ringing the bell. Confirmation is made once the owner confirms the identity of the ringer. In this case, the smart door lock works together with smart video doorbell to enhance opening of the door. One can use it anywhere anytime to let in anyone they want before they get into their house. It can detect movement around the door which helps in eliminates spying and unnecessary movement outside the home. It's able to store images of regular visitors which automatically opens when such a person comes.

Smart video doorbell

Amazon Alexa

It acts as a management tool for all devices smart home devices. It controls all devices through the command of the owner, and it keeps track of every activity in and out of the house. When Alexa notice a particular routine is done on certain days, it automatically applies it without the command of the user. Alexa keeps the record of past activities and can talk when asked questions. It acts as an assistant of the owner of the house. It helps in bookkeeping and other documentation.

Amazon Alexa

Through the advancement of technology, people have been able to work with different application to make their homes more comfortable. With only one app, one can control every device in their home whether in their office, vacation, driving and so one. For it to work well, one has to have good internet connectivity which will send signals to the device one wants to change. In case of damage, each device comes with more than one year warranty. With regular repair and maintenance, these machines can last for a long time. The supplier of the equipment does the installation.